WIFI Router Booster

For Android

The unique APP that can optimize your WIFI routers.

Configure the best WIFI channel;

Boost WIFI router's TX power;

Promote the WIFI router's priority.

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You neighbors are using WIFI routers with large transmit power, in such a crowded environment, one thing you can do to improve your receiving is to improve you WIFI router's transmitting power.

There are 11 - 14 WIFI channels, but only 3 of them are none-overlap channels, say #1, #6, #11. Many WIFI routers around you are transmitting at different channels, due to no co-ordination, many are occupying the same channel. To improve receiving, your WIFI router need to be configured to the right channel.

WIFI router is based on IEEE 802.11 standard, in this standard, there is some settings that can be sett to elevate the signal priority. By setting this feature, your WIFI router can have advantage when competing with neighbors' devices.

There are many IEEE 802.11 parameters can be optimized, in your WIFI route console webpage you can find it. But it is difficult for everybody to understand what's kind of effect will happen when some parameters are changed.

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The only on android market, that can configure different WIFI routers from most vendors.

Like (but not limitted to): ASUS, TP-Link, Netgear, Linksys, Tenda, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, D-Link and so on.


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